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Hydraulic Prop China

Nov. 05, 2019

DW single hydraulic prop is constant resistive pillar, which can match with a variety of roof beams and also could be used as the primary column. Mechanized coal mining for coal generally or blasting mining face plate supporting items are also available for mechanized coal face end support or other temporary support to use.zmwm02

DW single hydraulic prop with metal hinged roof beams for general mechanized coal mining face gun and mechanized mining face ends with a roof or temporary payment for coal seam angle is less than 25 ° of face, to take certain measures, also can be used to dip 25 ° - 35 ° stopes. This series of hydraulic prop, good stability, technical performance advantages prominent, high-grade coal mining face will be the single support height from 2.5 meters to 3.5 meters, 3.5 meters below the coal mining can achieve one full-height, while for the coal seam thickness of 4.5 m below provides end face and advance support.zmwm02


1, Long working stroke , especially for large height variation face of underground roof.

2, Apply inner bore seal bump- resistance in the underground, with a wide range of use.

3, Never broken. Using friction welding, the weld is not broken.

4, Uses a new sealing device, remove the DZ-type pillar between the piston and plunger leakage point, safe and reliable.

5,Level of support available.

6, High strength, no bend.