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ZYJ Series Prop Type Hydraulic Rotary Drill Rig

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Product Details

Scope of application:

ZYJ series prop type hydraulic rotary drill rig is accompanied with hard alloy PDC bit or high efficiency screw drill rod with rotary drill bit to boring. This series is applied to rock gallery and working face to release the gas and water. The drill depth can be 75m-200m.

Features of structure:

This ZYJ series drill rig possesses light weight, easy operation, low present faulty. It is accompanied with support and prop which can fix guide rail. It adopts up and down supporting type, the guide rail and stand column can be adjusted in 360º, this will assure the boring angle can be adjusted within 90º. This ZYJ series drill rig adopt split type overall arrangement, it is consisted by main frame, pump station, operation desk and rubber pipe. Each part can be disassembled and transported easily.


Boring depth(m)75100200
Rated torque(N.m)270380680
Rated rotating speed(r/min)180210200
Rotating rated pressure(Mpa)1412.517
Feeding rated pressure(Mpa)888
Feeding force(kN)131030
Hoisting force(kN)888
Feeding stroke(mm)13301300/18001330/1800
Idle load pushing speed(mm/min)300025002500
Back speed(mm/min)300080008000
Noising voice(dB(A))≤90≤90≤90
Rotary angle(º)0-3600-3600-360
Oil tank effective capacity(L)120200200
Prop height(mm)2200-2900/2990-3550/3500-42001800-34001800-3400
Main frame weight(kg)203/210/165218/296/358318/396/458
Pump station weight(kg)350350350
Main frame external size(mm)2582×420×(2200/2990/3500)2600×520×18002600×520×1800
Operation desk external size(mm)530×526×675530×526×1200530×526×1200
Pump station external size(mm)1800×500×8001344×630×9851450×630×1133

Fitting anti-explosion electric motor

Rated power(kW)111522
Rated voltage(V)380/660380/660380/660

Fitting drill tools

Drill rod diameter(mm)Φ42
Geological drill bit diameter(mm)Φ55~Φ89
High efficiency rotary drill rod diameter(mm)Φ69
High efficiency combined drill bit diameter(mm)Φ76, Φ82, Φ89, Φ90, Φ94,Φ108