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ZQJC-360/8.0 Pneumatic Bracket Drilling Machine

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ZQJC-360/8.0 pneumatic bracket drilling machine is driven by compressed air and widely used in coal mine for drilling hole from different angles, such as water prospection, water injection, decompression, gas drainage hole and geological prospection.

Parameters ParameterZQJC-360/8.0
Air Pressure(Mpa)0.4-0.63
Rated Pressure(Mpa)0.5
Rated Torque(N.m)360
Max. Output Power(kW)8.0
Available Tunnel Height(mm)2400-3200 (standard) / 2000-2500 (optional) 2900-3900 (standard) / 3600-4600 (optional)
Horizontal Drilling Height(mm)850-1800
Drilling Angle(°)±90
Matched DrillingToolsHigh-efficiency Spiral Drill Rod Diameter(mm)Φ69water (24□, standard)Φ76 (24□, optional)Φ89 (32□, optional)
High-efficiency Drill Bit Diameter(mm)Φ76/Φ82/Φ90Φ82/Φ90/Φ94Φ94/Φ110
Geological Drill Rod Diameter(mm)Φ42 (1:8 conical buckle, optional)Φ58 (1:8 conical buckle, optional)
Geological Drill Bit Diameter(mm)Φ56/Φ65/Φ75Φ65/Φ75/Φ90/Φ95