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ZLJ Series Coal Mine Use Drill Rig

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Product Details

Scope of application

ZLJ-350, ZLJ650 coal mine use drill rig is mainly used in different angle to exploring water, gas, anti-dust and kinds of construction boring and geological boring. The drill bit is mainly made by hard alloy PDC, the different diameter drill bit can meet the different requirements.

Features of structure

Drill rig is consisted by main frame, gear box, rotary device, winch, band-type brake, hydraulic system, electric system; the drill rig adopts mechanical transmission, hydraulic feeding, so it possess light weight, small size, easy operation, good performance, simple structure, easy to maintenance.


ItemZLJ 350ZLJ 650
Drill depth(m)100200
Boring diameter(mm)Φ56 ~ Φ108Φ56 ~ Φ108
Vertical shaft rated rotating speed(r/min)37320912227015188
Vertical shaft rated rotating torque(Nm)116206350214382650
main shaft incline angle(º)0~3600~360
Vertical stroke(mm)400400
System rated pressure(Mpa)87
Feeding force(kN)2023
Lifting force(kN)2734
Winch lifting force(kN)1014
Rope capacity of winding drum(m)3040
Steel rope diameter(mm)811
Oil tank effective volume(L)4043
External size(mm)1150×650×11501297×650×1230
Weight of drill rig(kg)500650

Anti-explosion electric motor

ModelZLJ 350ZLJ 650
Rated power(kW)5.57.5
Rated voltage(V)380/660 or 660/1140380/660 or 660/1140

Fitting drill tools

ModelZLJ350ZLJ 650
Drill rod diameter(mm)Φ42Φ42
Geological bit diameter(mm)Φ50~Φ89Φ76~Φ108