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ZDY Series Coal Mine Use Hydraulic Drill Rig

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Product Details

Scope of application

ZDY series drill rig is wildly used in different angle drilling for water exploring, water injecting, release the gas, geological exploring, etc; specially used in underground coal mine horizontal drilling but can be adjusted within ± 90º; the main fitting drill tool choice is hard alloy, PDC drill bit for boring, attached different diameter drill bit suit for different requirement of drill exploring.

Features of structure

Totally hydraulic drive, divided into three independent parts: main frame, pump station, operation desk; the main frame can be disassembled into smaller one to easy to transportation.

Order serial number: 2202B(ZDY-660), 2210A(ZDY-1200S), 2204B(ZDY-2000S).


Drill depth(m)150/100200300/100
Boring inclined angle(º)±90±90±90
Boring diameter(mm)Φ56 ~Φ108Φ65~Φ108Φ94 ~Φ200
Idle transportation speed(r/min)Low speed gear(10~150)/ high speed gear(10~300)80~28010~300
Rated torque(N.m)66012002000
Rated rotating speed(r/min)140/270140/27076
Feeding stroke(mm)650650600
Feeding force(kN)2936105
Pulling out force(kN)425270
Max. feeding speed(mm/min)500050003500
Max. pulling out speed(mm/min)400040002200
System rated pressure(Mpa)161822
Oil tank capacity(L)85198180
Main frame external size(mm)1800×620×13001800×750×13602180×800×1516
Pump station external size(mm)1400×500×10001450×790×11001700×850×1100
Main frame weight(kg)418450750
Pump station weight(kg)328328328
Operation desk weight(kg)78103115
Drill rig weight(kg)90012002000

Anti-explosion electric motor

Rated power(kW)152237
Rated voltage380/660 or 660/1140380/660 or 660/1140380/660 or 660/1140

Fitting drill tools

Drill diameter(mm)Φ42/Φ50Φ50/Φ63.5Φ63.5/Φ73
Geological drill bit diameterΦ56 ~Φ75Φ65~Φ108Φ94~Φ108