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MQTB-70/1.7 Pneumatic Rib Bolter

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MQTB-70/1.7 pneumatic rib bolter is applicable to support with cable or bolt in coal laneway, half-coal laneway and rock laneway with rock hardness no more than 60MPa. This machine is combined with drilling, mixing and assembling, with the features of high rotary speed, large torque, easy operation and maintenance. It reduces the labor intensity a lot with leg support and auxiliary support and is a good substitution for electric coal drill.

Techcnial ParameterMQTB-70/1.7
Applicable air pressure (Mpa)0.4-0.63
Rated air pressure (Mpa)0.5
Flushing water pressure (Mpa)0.6-1.2
Rated torque (N.m)70
Rated rotary speed (r/min)240
Idle propelling speed (mm/s)500
Rated output power (Kw)1.7
Idle rotary speed (r/min)780
Starting torque (N.m)100
Stall torque (N.m)110
Max. loading torque (N.m)95
Max. height (mm)3055
Min. height (mm)1255
Leg type
Leg propulsion (KN)2.63.75
Air consumption (m3/min)≤2.5
Noise (dB(A))≤90
Weight (kg)35
Chuck size (mm)S=19/S=22
Drilling bit(mm)Φ27,Φ28,Φ30,Φ32,Φ38,Φ42,Φ44
Hexagonal drilling rod(mm)B19,B22