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MQT Series Pneumatic Roof Bolters

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Product Details

Brief introduction

MQT series pneumatic roof bolters are applicable to support with cable or bolt in coal laneway, half-coal laneway and rock laneway with rock hardness no more than 100MPa. They are combined with drilling, mixing and assembling. Dual exhaust model and new seals structure ensure the fast and smooth leg expansion and retraction. The unique silencer reduces noise, drilling shaft and leg center are perfect alignment, drilling stably.

MQT series pneumatic roof bolters are working with our hexagonal drill rods of B19 and B22, wrench and various drill bits to carry out the roof supporting work.

Technical Parameters

Applicable Air Pressure (Mpa)0.4-0.630.4-0.630.4-0.630.4-0.630.4-0.63
Rated Air Pressure (Mpa)
Flushing Water Pressure (Mpa)0.6-1.20.6-1.20.6-1.20.6-1.20.6-1.2
Rated Torque (N.m)90100110120130
Rated Rotary Speed (r/min)240280240240240
Idle Propelling Speed (mm/s)400400400400400
Max. Output Power (Kw)
Idle Rotary Speed (r/min)650900700700700
Idle Torque (N.m)230180230240240
Max. Loading Torque(N.m)220170220230230
Air Consumption (m3/min)≤3.2≤3.8≤3.6≤3.8≤4.0
Noise (dB(A))≤90≤90≤90≤90≤90
Leg Propulsion (KN)
Max. Height (mm)254030203588256630463614255230323600255230323600255230323600
Min. Height (mm)116312831425118913091451117512951437117512951437117512951437
Weight (kg)464850454749485052485052485250
Hexagonal Drilling Rod
Screw Thread SizeM14×1.5 rectangular thread 16    M16×2  rectangular thread 18
LengthCan be customized as per requirements
Drilling Bit
Screw SizeM14×1.5  M16×2