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MQT-130/3.5 Light Duty Pneumatic Roof Bolter

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Super Light Weight 

The machine adopts innovative idea to realize integration and make it an exquisite and compact outline, it is about 30% lighter than regular roof bolter.

 All-over Stainless Steel 

The exposed metals are all stainless steel material which never rusts and makes it a longer service life.

Large Power

Adopting completely new design concept, it owns more powerful power, the drilling efficiency has increased by 20% compared with regular roof bolter.

Lower Noise Level

The silencer is placed in the gyrator making it more compact and reduces the noise largely.

Applicable air pressure (MPa)0.4-0.63
Rated Air Pressure (MPa)0.5
Rated Torque (N.m)130
Rated Rotate Speed (r/min)260
Max. Output Power (kW)3.5
Leg Type
Max. Working Height(mm)2552303236001352
Min. Working Height(mm)117512951400875
Total Weight (kg)42444535

  Matched Drilling Tools
Hexagonal Drill Rod
Specification (mm)B19, B22
Screw Thread SizeM14×1.5 Rectangular Thread 16M16×2 Rectangular Thread 18
LengthCustomized As Requirement
Drill Bits
Specification (mm)Φ27, Φ28, Φ30, Φ32, Φ38, Φ42, Φ44
Screw Thread SizeM14×1.5  M16×2