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Closed Type Hydraulic Prop (Inner Injection Hydraulic Prop)

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Product Details

Model  ItemDN04DN05DN06DN08DN10DN12DN14DN16DN18
Max. Height(mm)410±10510±10650±10800±101000±101200±101400±201600±201800±20
Min. Height(mm)340390510590700850100011001200
Work Stroke(mm)70±10110±10140±10210±10300±10350±20400±20500±20600±20
Rated work resistance(kN)250
Rated oil pressure(Mpa)49.0
Cylinder inner diameter(mm) 80
Setting load(kN)4968.7-78.5
Base area(cm2 )102
Max. torque on handle(N.m0<200
 Rise distance upon one cylce of handle(mm)≥12≥20
Descent speed(mm/s)>20 >30
Work medium5# Hydrualic oil
Oil capacity(liter)0.40.511.
Applicable coal thickness(m)

Model ItemDN20DN22DN25DN28DN31.5DN35DN35DN38DN40DN42DN45
Max. height(±20mm)20002240250028003150350035003800400042004500
Min Height(mm)13901540180021002450280028003100330035003800
Work stroke(±20mm)610700
Rated work resistance(kN)300250160150
Rated oil pressure(Mpa)46.339.325.115.7
Cylinder inner diameter(mm)90110
Setting load(kN)68.7-78.5
Base area(cm2)120147
Max. torque on handle(N.m)<200
Rise distance upon one cylce of handle(mm)≥20
Descent speed(mm/s)>30
Work medium5# hydraulic oil
Oil capacity(liter)

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